Harris Gas Guard Plus

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Product description

Designed for use with all shielding gas welding applications reducing “Back Pressure Surge” offering potential shielding gas cost savings of up to 50%. Specifically designed for applications where a long interconnecting hose is in use such as MIG machines with seperate wire feeders.


  • Encased in a steel enclosure box for extra protection

  • Enclosure box has a lockable door with window

  • Magentic fixing or mechanical option

  • Supplied with inlet and outlet nut & hose connections

  • Supplied with lock keys

  • Supplied with allen/hex key for torch flow adjustment

How to use:
1. Fix gas guard plus unit to the feeder / machine, connect gas supply to the inlet, then a short hose from the outlet to the feeder/machine gas inlet.
2. Adjust gas supply from the gas guard plus using the allen/hex key provided so that correct flowrate required is measured at the torch outlet.
3. Lock gas guard plus so no changes can be made to flow rate.

Technical Specification

  • Supplied with
    inlet and outlet nut & hose connections, lock keys & allen/hex key for torch flow adjustment
  • Harris part no


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