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The Engweld range of TIG welding rods is designed to offer welders everywhere the opportunity to source high-quality welding rods at a fair price. Our extensive welding rods collection covers the mains forms of welding rod, including mild steel TIG rods, stainless steel welding rods and aluminium TIG welding rods, ensuring all applications are catered for.

TIG Welding Rods at Engweld

During the TIG welding process, a non-consumable electrode is used in conjunction with welding consumables, in this case, the consumable is the welding wire. The weld pool is protected from contamination by the inert gas being used, which is typically argon, although this can differ depending on the project you are working on. The inert gas is pumped down the shaft of the welding tool, acting as a shield around the weld pool and doing the same job that the slag found on consumable electrodes does.

As the electrode is not consumed during the process, a filler metal must be added into the weld pool when required via a filler rod, which must closely match the metal to be welded as it is carefully introduced into the weld pool.

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Welding Rod Materials Available

There's a wide variety of TIG rod materials available, here are the most common types, all of which are available to purchase online from Engweld here today:

  • ER70S-2: A general-purpose steel TIG rod suitable for mild steel welding.
  • ER4043: Aluminum TIG welding rods popular for its good weldability and corrosion resistance.
  • ER309: A stainless steel TIG rod ideal for applications requiring high-temperature resistance.

What should you consider when TIG welding?

  • Be sure you choose the correct tungsten electrode, with a number of alloys available, each of which has specific properties.
  • You should always ensure that you have the correct safety equipment, view our safety equipment here: Protection & Safety
  • Ensure you weld using steady and controlled movements.
  • Provide your hands and arms with support in order to achieve the necessary precision.
  • Make sure you always replace a contaminated electrode. 

More Information On Using TIG Welding Rods

Due to the precision that can be achieved using TIG welding, it is often the method of choice for those looking for a high-quality weld. The reason for this is that the filler metal is added through the welding rod, rather than being dropped from a consumable electrode, this reduces the spatter which leads to much cleaner and more precise looking welds.

At Engweld, we stock an array of welding consumables, not least these TIG welding wire and electrodes.

Of course, to use your TIG welding wire, you'll need a TIG welder. Click here to see our full range of TIG Welders.

Difference Between TIG Welding Rods and Welding Electrodes

TIG Rods vs Electrodes:

  • Welding Electrodes: Welding electrodes are made of tungsten and are not consumed during welding. They simply direct the electrical current to create the arc that melts the base metal.
  • TIG Rods (Filler Metal): These are consumable rods made from various metals depending on the material you're welding. As the stable arc melts the base metal, the welder manually feeds the filler rod into the weld pool to add material and create a strong joint.

How To Use Welding Rods In TIG Applications

Follow these simple steps when using your welding rods, suitable for either hobby welding or industrial welding on a large scale.

  • Preparation: Clean the surface of the base metal and the TIG rod to ensure a good weld.
  • Positioning: Hold the TIG torch in one hand and use the other hand to feed the filler rod into the weld pool at a slight angle (around 15 degrees).
  • Travel Speed: Maintain a consistent travel speed to ensure proper weld penetration and bead formation.
  • Filler Rod Angle: Keep the angle of the filler rod consistent to achieve good weld control and prevent excessive melting of the rod.

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