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MIG Welding Torches and MIG Welding Supplies

At Engweld, we are key distributors and stock a wide range of MIG Welding Torches and MIG Welding Supplies from world-class manufacturers.

The MIG Welding Supplies we have come from brands such as Biznel, Lincoln, Tweco, ESAB, Kemppi, Bernard and XP8.

We stock a wide variety of MIG Welding torches and even have specialist MIG Welding torches available.

MIG Welding is usually used for welding large and thick materials, where the consumable wire acts as both the filler material, as it is a consumable electrode, and also acts as the electrode itself. As the wire is fed through the welding rod, a single hand can be used, making MIG welding a method that is simple to learn, highly effective and highly efficient in certain applications. 

MIG Welding has a number of additional advantages, with limited post-weld cleaning and finishing required, while the consumables themselves are relatively inexpensive.

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Our MIG welding supplies and spares ensure that you can repair your own MIG welding equipment should the need arise, without the cost of purchasing a new MIG welding torch. Then you must also consider the nozzle you use, the choice of which should be heavily impacted by the mode you weld in. Welding in spray, short circuit or pulse mode should factor heavily into your choice of welding nozzle.

Stocking your own welding spares should be a given to a welder of any level, having your own spares that can be easily replaced and changed should the need arise, which negates the need for costly and time-consuming downtime for minor repairs.

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