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A wide range of products for welding fume extraction. These products are designed to effectively remove welding fumes and hazardous substances as required by the new enforcement by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for all individuals and organisations undertaking welding activities that prevent health problems.

Welding Fume Extraction Solutions

New rules say that businesses doing welding must use effective engineering measures to control toxic gases and fumes generated from welding. Consequently, all affected entities and persons will be mandated to utilize Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) for indoor welding tasks, and sufficient respiratory protective equipment (RPE) for outdoor welding and situations where LEV does not provide adequate protection against remaining fumes.

You can read more on welding fume regulations on the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) website and see why they are one of the most essential welding equipment products we supply.

On Torch Welding Fume Extraction Systems

Binzel xFUME Advanced, FEX-PRO & FEC Cyclone Welding Fume on Torch Packages

Handling dangerous gases and smoke requires precision to guarantee safety. Binzel Rab Mig Torches along with xFUME Advanced, FEC Cyclone and FEX-PRO units provide effective fume removal directly through the torch. These torches are engineered for improved accessibility and maneuverability and are also lightweight because of the cutting-edge ABICOR BINZEL Low-Weight Bikox®. This solution guarantees highly efficient smoke removal directly at its source without affecting the protective gas shield.

See our range of welding fume on torches and or discover our welding fume extraction spares, such as tips and suction nozzles.

Effectiveness of on-torch fume extraction:

After a portable solution? Kemper SmartMaster is an entry-level mobile welding fume extraction unit equipped with a 13m2 filter surface. It has an extraction capacity of 950m3/h and is suitable for all materials, including high-alloy steel. We recommend using the SmartMaster in environments where welding operations are occasional. 

Other welding fume extractors include the Kemper ProfiMaster - ideal for for occasional to frequent welding operations. The ProfiMaster mobile welding fume extraction unit has a filter capacity of 17m3 and provides an extraction capacity of 1,100m3/h, removing fumes from the welding machine. It is also suitable for all materials, including high-alloy steel. The unit has a rotating exhaust hood that provides the benefit of safe operation through rotation field control of the extraction arms.

Kemper SmartFil provides an extraction capacity of 1,100 m3/h and has a bigger filter surface of ca. 25m2. It has a hood that can rotate 360 degrees and has a damper. It also has a safe filter change for increased safety. The SmartFil fume extraction unit is equipped with an aluminium pre-filter and a more powerful 1.5 kW motor making it suitable for environments where welding operation is frequent. 

All Kemper mobile fume extraction units have an IFA-Certification W3-Approved. They also feature filter monitoring which provides increased safety. 

Welding Extraction via LEV (Local exhasut Ventilation):

Portable Welding Fume Extraction Solutions

The Carryvac 3 by ESAB is a small, light, and portable fume extractor designed for taking to the job site. When connected to a welding torch or extraction nozzle, the Carryvac 3 removes the fume right at the source. The contaminated air is then filtered and trapped in a hygienically-packed filter.

Engweld also provides the option of Bench Mounted systems and Fixed Extraction Arm systems if needed. Please reach out to us for such requests and for other potential solutions we can provide based on your welding process needs.

LEV systems must be tested every 14 months

COSHH regulations require most LEV systems to be thoroughly tested at least once every 14 months. This applies to all oil mist, welding fume, smoke, and dust extraction units that you currently have on site. This examination must be undertaken by a competent person and the tests and reports must conform to HSE standards. HSG258 guidelines provide the recommended procedures to achieve these statutory requirements. Contact us and we can arrange LEV testing for you.

HSE recommends using Air Fed Welding Helmets/Masks with Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) systems when undertaking in a welding process. This is to ensure complete protection for operators from welding fumes. A PAPR unit typically features a motor to draw in air and pass it through a filter to remove the particulates and contaminants and provide clean air to the user.

Check out our complete guide for welding fume extraction

Technical Advice & On-Site Demonstrations

Technical advice and on-site demonstrations are available from all our sales centres. Engweld also stocks all spares & filters for the above fume extraction solutions. Please use the filters on this page to refine by product type suitable to your requirements. 

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