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Welding PPE is one of the most important purchases you can make for welding. Safe welding is good welding, and having the right welder's PPE is a key part of this. Explore our comprehensive range of welding PPE, which ranges from jackets, hoods and caps to aprons, trousers and sleeves, to prevent serious injury during welding operations.

Welding PPE

Engweld stocks a wide range of Welders PPE from various different brands including Esab, 3M Speedglas, Weldas, and our own brand lines of Base-Line, and Pro-Line. The range includes welding aprons, welding sleeves, welding hoods, welding jackets, welding trousers, welding curtains, knee pads, spats and bandanas. 

Welders PPE, or Personal Protective Equipment, are specialised clothing and equipment items worn by welders to protect them from the hazards associated with welding process. From protective clothing to respiratory proection, welding PPE is designed with the purpose of covering your body and preventing exposure to harmful radiation like direct and reflected ultraviolet (UV) light and infrared rays when welding, and protect you from spark, splatter, flying particles and radiation burns.

Welders PPE are typically made from wool, heavy cotton or leather because of their strength and durability reducing their risk of deterioration and melting. These materials are also good for preventing light reflection under the helmet and into the eyes. It is therefore important to wear welders PPE appropriately - for example, sleeves should not be rolled up.

It should also be noted that comfort is in itself a form of protection for a welder, ensuring you are not distracted while perfoming your welding task. As such, our welding PPE is designed to offer adequate protection while remaining comfortable to wear. With Engweld, welding clothing doesn't have to be cumbersome and heavy.

For additional protection, Engweld also stocks other important Welders PPE like Welding Helmets & Masks, Air Fed Welding Helmets, Work Safety Boots, and Welding Gloves.

Different Types of Welding PPE Available At Engweld

Welding Jackets

Welding jackets are a popular choice as PPE when welding, helping to cover a large area of the welder's body, including the torso, arms and neck. You can find jackets in different materials, including leather and fire proof wool, protecting the upper body from ultraviolet radiation, chemical burns and the other inherent risks associated with welding environments.

Welding Trousers

Flame resistant welding trousers are another essential part of a welder's personal protective equipment, covering and protecting the wearer's legs from molten metal, sparks, heat, UV radiation and fumes while welding. There are many risks associated with welding as we well know, so wearing the right trousers is of paramount importance to prevent serious injuries to the legs.

Welding Hoods and Caps

A welding helmet of course protects your entire face and most of your head, but wearing a welding hood or cap underneath your helmet ensures the enstire head is covered. Flame-retardent materials in the hoods ensure the neck and head are protected from burns. Many welders also wear hoods during the winter purely for warmth, showing their benefits extend beyond PPE.

Welding Aprons

A welding apron is also a useful part of welding PPE, again helping cover the welder's body to protect it from some of the risks associated with welding. It can be worn over the top of other PPE, providing another line of defence. Welders' aprons are made from heat-resistant materials like leather, which is also weather-resistant for heavy-duty welding outdoors or in the workshop.

Welding Sleeves

To protect your arms, you may choose to wear welding sleeves as part of your welding PPE. Like all the other personal protective equipment offered here, they offer protection from the possible sparks, splats and radiation casued by welding. Crafted using flame-resistant materials, welding sleeves are designed to be comfortable to wear and to offer the dexterity needed to perform welding applications.

Welding PPE Regulations

Employers are often required by law to provide appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for their workers in the welding industry. 

The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations (PPER 1992) places a duty on every employer in Great Britain to ensure that suitable PPE is provided to ‘employees’ who may be exposed to a risk to their health or safety while at work. The aforementioned legislation also dictates the employer to ensure that any PPE provided to his employees is maintained in an efficient state, in efficient working order and in good repair.

The PPER 1992 regulation was amended on 6th April 2022 with Personal Protective Equipment at Work (Amendment) Regulations 2022 (PPER 2022). The duties and responsibilities on employers and employees under the PPER 2022 are the same as PPER 1992 but extended to limb (b) workers

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