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Cobot Welding

Collaborative robot welding, also known as cobot welding in short, provides a great solution for companies of all sizes to increase their productivity and improve quality. Cobot welding combines human skills with robotic welding precision to create a collaborative and productive work environment. The new modern technology can help transform your business and allow you to work in a smarter way.

Collaborative robots (Cobots) such as the Migatronic CoWelder can be used in various welding applications involving MIG/MAG and TIG welding. It requires little safety measures and can be easily used by an operator or a welder even without any experience with welding automation.

A CoWelder will offer a great return on investment through improved efficiency, productivity, and safety.

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Cobots are used in the metal fabrication industry to minimise dull or monotonous repeated work and allow your skilled workers to focus on more complicated tasks. A Cobot welder will take care of the time-consuming manual welding of large batches, allowing you to accomplish more in less time. Cobot welder produces quality weld seams reducing the time you spend on post-weld treatment.

Quality and Consistency

Cobot welding offers quality and consistency. CoWelder can reduce error rate and weld defects and produce the same quality of weld on every workpiece. It will create identical welds leading to higher-quality end products regardless of the size of the batch, the frequency, or who the operator is.

Flexibility and Adaptability

CoWelder offers flexibility and adaptability and gives you complete control over production. You can upscale and downscale when necessary and weld small or large batches to meet the requirements for specific orders. CoWelders are designed to be easily reprogrammed and adapted for different welding tasks.

Cost Effectiveness

Other than efficiency and consistency, Migatronic CoWelder can offer cost-effectiveness. Implementing robotic welding can lead to cost savings in the long run. It reduces the need for complex safety measures and the potential for increased production output can result in a positive return on investment.

There are many reasons why CoWelder


Exports in welding solutions

We develop innovative solutions for manual and automated welding. In CoWelder, we have combined advanced welding technology with pioneering robot technology. We designed a scalable welding cobot concept, where you can tailor a solution that matches the current and potential needs in your production.


Professional consultancy and guidance

Our welding specialists and CoWelder experts can guide you in all aspects of your investment; from choosing the right setup to introducing how simple robot programming can be. We also assist you in integrating CoWelder in your existing production to facilitate a successful start and the shortest possible return on investment.


Service and support any time

You are never on your own. Regardless of your level of experience with automated welding, we can help optimising your CoWelder setup. You can get service and support dealing with advanced welding functions, adding new equipment, programming, training of new staff or anything else you might need at any given time.


Constantly in development

More than 300 CoWelder solutions are increasing productivity and improving product quality in manufacturing companies all over Europe. Our dedicated software engineers, welding experts and robotics technicians are constantly working on increasing the CoWelder product range to extend its applicability.


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