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Engweld is a brand name of Energas Ltd and Energas is the country’s leading independent packaged cylinder gas and bulk gas supplier, and has gained an impressive reputation for efficiency, reliability and good service through a combination of achieving and implementing ISO 9001:2000 standards, technical expertise and substantial investment in advanced technology.

Over the last 60 years, Energas have become synonymous for quality and exceptional customer service. Energas will continue its geographical expansion of 17 Regional Service and Supply Centres and 8 gas manufacturing facilities across the UK, by investing in its infrastructure and employees and by continually improving its strong customer service culture.

As with all successful companies, Energas's reputation has been built by giving a first rate service with quality products at a fair price.

This service goes beyond simply delivering goods when promised, it includes offering a wide selection and choice from stock of reliable products with guaranteed quality and continuity of supplies. For customers who require Technical and Safety advice on any aspect, the Energas Technical team are ready to help, backed by an expertise built up over many years of trading with industry.

Energas provide a comprehensive supply chain solution by using larger capacity cylinders, manifolded cylinder packs and Liquid Mini-Tanks, supplied from all our locations, serviced by an extensive and modern fleet of delivery vehicles.

Energas take pride in delivering personal service, expert technical support and products of the finest quality.

Energas have a comprehensive range of welding gases available:

All of our welding gases are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from small portable cylinders through to high capacity cylinder packs.

  • ARCAL™ gases for welding - ARCAL™ offers a full range of high-quality, ready-to-use shielding gas solutions. ARCAL™ gases are used in arc welding, root shielding, plasma cutting, TIG welding and MIG/MAG welding. Our pure gases and gas mixes are also available in bulk mixing installations.
  • Qlixbi - Our new welding gas innovation - Qlixbi is a gas cylinder package like no other.
    Qlixbi is faster, more efficient and safer. Qlixbi answers the pain points welders have while working. Qlixbi also supports procurement and workshop managers by optimising processes and enabling their teams to work at their best.
  • Qlixbi R - instant click-on connectors have built-in regulators that save you time, effort and money. It makes welding easier and safer.
  • EXELTOP™ - 300 Bar EXELTOP™ Packages for ARCAL™ Welding Gases
  • Migweld, Heliweld and other welding gases - Shielding gases for MIG/MAG/TIG welding

Other gases available include:

- Laser cutting gases : All our gases have been developed by Energas according to laser manufacturer requirements to ensure peak performance from your laser. The choice of gas will determine the reliability of your laser, the lifespan of your optics and output power.

- LPG : Energas has a long proud history or providing LPG and Butane to industrial, commercial, agriculatural and domestic customers.

- Ballon gas : Energas has a variety of supply options to suit all requirements, whether your balloon needs are large or small.

- Food grade gases : Energas help food and beverage market customers enhance their productivity and product quality, optimise your processes and achieve more efficient use of resources.

- Drinks dispense gases : Energas offer a range of products to cater for all leisure businesses across the spectrum of gas requirements. Energas products and the basis on which we supply them will vary to ensure that we supply the best solution for the customer.

HVAC-R : Key factors have all been taken into account when building our gases and equipment range to suit the HVAC and refrigeration market and its operating requirements

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To help you in choosing the right welding gas, we have published a gas selector guide. Defined by welding process, consumable type material type, for all your welding needs.

Click here to visit the gas selector guide where you can also download a PDF copy.

Looking for a local source of high-quality industrial welding gas and equipment? Look no further than Energas: Everything Gas.

Gas Selector Guide

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Engweld is a brand name of Energas Limited (part of the Air Liquide Group), who are a leading service provider of cylinders gases and equipment.

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