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Engweld ensures a smooth flow with our premium selection of gas hoses! Whether you're a professional welder, a seasoned DIYer, or a home workshop enthusiast, we have the right gas hose to connect your equipment safely and efficiently. Browse our gas hose category today and discover the perfect hose to keep your gas flowing safely and efficiently.

Gas Hoses at Eng Weld

At Engweld, safety is paramount. Our gas hoses are rigorously tested and manufactured according to the highest standards to ensure they meet all relevant safety regulations. We offer hoses designed to withstand the specific demands of different gases, like acetylene, propane, and oxygen.

Our Collection of Gas Hoses

Our extensive range of gas hoses caters to various applications:

  • Durable & Reliable: Heavy-duty hoses built to last, ideal for professional welders and demanding environments.
  • Application-Specific Hoses: Specialty hoses designed for specific gases like oxygen or acetylene, ensuring optimal performance and safety.
  • Flexible Solutions: Hoses with superior flexibility for maneuverability in tight spaces, perfect for intricate welding projects.
  • The Right Length: We offer a variety of hose lengths to suit your workspace and project needs.

Further Information On Gas Hoses

Gas hoses are a piece of essential equipment used to safely and securely transport various fuel gases for gas welding and cutting.

Our premium gas hoses are formed from durable materials, such as rubber and PVC. They are designed to withstand the pressure and heat from the gas flowing through them, such as acetylene, propane, and oxygen. We offer a range of gas hoses in standard lengths of 5m, 10m and 20m to accommodate different gas appliances and settings, with many supplied with a nut, tail and hose check valve.  

To get started with gas welding, ensure you have the correct equipment, including a gas welding torch, a gas hose to connect the torch to the gas supply, and a regulator to control gas flow. You can view all of our Gas Equipment here.

Before using any gas or welding equipment, ensure that you wear the appropriate PPE and safety gear, including a welding helmet, gloves, and protective clothing. You can find our Protection & Safety gear here.

What are gas hoses used for?

Gas hoses are used for various applications, including gas welding, gas cylinder filling and connecting gas appliances, such as stoves, ovens, water heaters, and furnaces, to a gas supply line. They are also used in outdoor settings, such as grills or patio heaters.

Why are gas hoses used for welding?

Gas hoses are used for welding to provide the gas needed for the welding process. The type of gas typically used for welding is oxygen and fuel gases such as acetylene and propane. During welding, the gas forms a protective shield around the arc and the molten metal to prevent the air from contaminating the weld. It also helps provide the right welding heat and produces high-quality welds.

How do I use a gas hose safely?

Proper use of gas hoses is important for safety reasons, as damaged gas hoses can lead to leaks, resulting in fires or explosions. Therefore, it is critical to regularly check gas hoses for signs of wear or damage and replace them if necessary. It is also important to properly connect gas hoses to appliances and to follow all manufacturer instructions and safety guidelines. Engweld recommends having a regular CP7 gas equipment safety check yearly for a qualified gas safety engineer to check your gas equipment.

Here at Engweld, your safety is our top priority. That’s why we offer a customer service team to assist you with questions or concerns about our gas hoses and other products. Please contact us here.