1.5mm Flux Coated Silverflo 302 Silver Solder 30% Silver Content Cadmium Free

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Product description

30% Silver content, Cadmium Free Flux-coated Silver Solder. A general purpose solder for use on most common engineering materials.

SILVER-FLO 302 has a long melting range and poor flow characteristics, which make it an ideal choice for applications where fillet build ups are required or close tolerance joint gaps are not present. It is used for brazing steel, copper and copper alloy tubes and fittings in HVAC&R and automotive applications. It is a popular choice as a flux coated rod for site work.

Technical Specification

  • Size
    1.5 mm diameter stick.
  • Coating
  • ISO 17672
    AG 130
  • Melting Range
    665 - 755oC.
  • Unit


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