1.6mm Sifphospher Bronze No.8 2.5kg Packet

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Product description

This Sifbronze phosphor bronze rod contains 7% tin and is suitable for fusion welding of phosphor bronze castings and copper alloys (brass). It is also used for TIG brazing on ferrous and dissimilar metals.
Weldable in all positions and particularly suitable for welding around pipes (with wall thickness >1.6mm). Ensure surfaces of parent metal are cleaned thoroughly before welding.

Commonly used in oxy/acetylene on bronze, brass, copper and copper alloys for  applications such as crack repair in castings. The use of flux is normally unnecessary in most applications, but Sifbronze Flux can be beneficial in aiding flow when used on copper which is dirty or oxidised. Where parent metal contains trace lead (such as in LG2), it is advisable to use Sifphosphor Bronze No 8 in the TIG Brazing process, and apply in stages, grinding between passes to remove lead drawn into the joint and reduce porosity.

Technical Specification

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    2.5Kg packet


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