3.2mm 4043/Ng21 Aluminium Tig Rod

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Product description

High quality 4043 grade aluminium TIG welding wire. Contains 5% silicon. 4043 is one of the most widely used welding and brazing alloys and can be classified as a general-purpose filler alloy. The silicon additions result in improved fluidity (wetting action) to make the alloy the preferred choice for welders. The alloy is less sensitive to weld cracking and produces brighter, almost smut-free welds. Can also be used for joining cast to wrought materials. Non-heat treatable. Typical all weld metal composition - Si 5.0%, Mn <0.05%, Zn <0.1%, Fe <0.4% Al bal. Welding current DC(+)

Technical Specification

  • Diameter
  • Weight
    2.5Kg packet

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