Multi Stage Inert Side Entry Nevoc Regulator 0-10Bar

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Product description

Nevoc Gas Regulators

The trend towards increased cylinder filling pressures has led to the adoption of the new NEVOC cylinder valve connection for industrial applications requiring 300bar pressure.

offer a range of 300 bar regulators incorporating the new NEVOC inlet fitting.

We can supply models providing outlet pressures from 10 - 250 bar, suitable for all inert gases including Nitrogen, Helium and Argon*.

These regulators are especially suitable for the high quality gases supplied by our sister company, ENERGAS in cylinders, manifolded packs or mini-bulk tanks for Laser applications.

ENERGAS now supply Nitrogen, Helium and Argon gases in 300bar cylinders

Technical Specification

  • Nevoc type inlet
    300 bar
  • Outlet
    10 bar
  • Type
  • Entry


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