115 X 1.0mm Engweld Flat Cut Off Inox Slitting Disc

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Product description

This very thin disc enables a very clean cut to be achieved in the shortest possible time while using a minimum of force. Precise to the millimetre, vibration free cutting, no thermal bluing and no burring (precluding the need for subsequent machining). Field of applications include use on thin sheet metal i.e. car bodies, tank farms and the tank construction sector, steel cable, thin-walled profile sections and pipes made of stainless steel and non-ferrous metals. Composite materials (FRP). High temperature materials such as turbine repairs. Advantages: Higher Cutting Speed Minimum Loss Of Material Low Noise Excellent Clean Cut Minimum Of Force Low Vibration Burr Free Edges Iron And Sulphur Free Long Service Life

Technical Specification

  • 115 mm diameter x 1.0 mm thick x 22.23 mm bore Flat
  • Manufactured according to EN 12413
  • Complies to oSa regulations
  • Made in Germany

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