Industrial Gases

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industrial gases

Our sister company Energas, is the country’s leading independent cylinder and bulk gas supplier, and has gained an impressive reputation for efficiency, reliability and good service through a combination of achieving and implementing ISO 9001:2000 standards, technical expertise and substantial investment in advanced technology.

Over the last 60 years, Energas have become synonymous for quality and exceptional customer service. Energas will continue its geographical expansion of 17 Regional Service and Supply Centres and 8 gas manufacturing facilities across the UK, by investing in its infrastructure and employees and by continually improving its strong customer service culture.

As with all successful companies, Energas's reputation has been built by giving a first rate service with quality products at a fair price.

This service goes beyond simply delivering goods when promised, it includes offering a wide selection and choice from stock of reliable products with guaranteed quality and continuity of supplies. For customers who require Technical and Safety advice on any aspect, the Energas Technical team are ready to help, backed by an expertise built up over many years of trading with industry.

Energas provide a comprehensive supply chain solution by using larger capacity cylinders, manifolded cylinder packs and Liquid Mini-Tanks, supplied from all our locations, serviced by an extensive and modern fleet of delivery vehicles.

Energas take pride in delivering personal service, expert technical support and products of the finest quality.

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