Welding Consumables (9 sub categories)

We supply all major brands of welding electrodes at competitive prices from leading global manufacturers such as ESAB, Oerlikon, Filarc, Lincoln Electric, Metrode and Bohler. As one of the largest welding distributors in the UK we can provide welding consumables for a wide range of applications. Certification to BS.EN.ISO9001:2008 guarantees all products undergo rigorous formal quality control procedures at all stages until final delivery. MIG wires are available in various sizes of spools & bulk packs at all industry standard diameters. We supply solid A18, stainless steel, aluminium, hard-facing solid wire, fluxed core wires and MIG brazing wires. We supply TIG filler wires for aluminium, stainless steels, nickel, copper, hardfacing and CrMo welding procedures. We also suply a range of gas welding & brazing wires, silver brazing alloys and fluxes for all applications. Various grades and sizes of submerged arc wires and fluxes are also available from stock.