Led Magnetic Folding Worklight

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Product description

The rechargeable Custorch is a waterproof, oilproof, shatterproof, magnetic LED multi light.

Ideal for any application where bright light is required such as mechanics, exhaust fitters, installer's and repairers.

21 front LED's allow use as an ultra-bright work light, inspection lamp or outdoor lantern.

5 seperate LED's in the base allow use as a torch, or a downlight.

It can be attached to any steel surface with the magnet in the base, or hung using the integral hook.

Separate on/off switches for both LED arrays.

The Custorch body folds up to 120 deq. in the middle, allowing the beams to be directed where the light is required.

The integral 7.2v NiMH rechargeable battery, charged by the included 240v mains charger provides 6 - 7 hours of active light.

The shatter resistant body has a non-slip rubberised coating, totally sealed against oil & water.

Tough enough for either indoor or outdoor use.

Oil proof
Hanging Hook
120 Deq Head Rotation

Technical Specification

  • Voltage
    7.2 volt rechargeable
  • Batteries
    1800m AH NiMh
  • Charging Time
    3 - 4 hours
  • Active Time
    6 - 7 hours
  • Includes charger

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