Fusion 200Phf Inverter Mma/Lt/Hf 000200 Complete With Tig Torch

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Product description

The Fusion HF and PHF models offer the professional the ultimate choice in DC HF TIG welding inverters. Easy to set up, the software driven units incorporate a LCD display allowing welding output parameters to be quickly selected. Once the required function is displayed in the LCD window, rotating the large 360deq encoder control knobs quickly performs any required welding parameter adjustments.

Post flow gas time, HF or Lift arc start, slope out time, 2T & 4T torch switching options, together with remote current control functions are standard features in the multi choice menu.

3 Year Warranty Digital Amp Meter Forced Fan Cooled LED Function Display Generator Compatible LCD Function Display 360deq Encoder Control 35mm Power Outlet Sockets

Weight 9 kilos 365mm L x 360mm H x 220mm

Technical Specification

  • Input
    230 volt
  • Fuse
    22A slow blow
  • MMA DC power output
  • TIG DC power output
  • MMA @ 100% duty cycle
  • TIG @ 100% duty cycle
  • Max open circuit voltage
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Supplied complete with air-cooled 4 metre TIG torch with handle mounted on/off switch, plug and accessory kit, 5 metre gas hose with nuts and tails and a 5 metre long earth lead with earth clamp and DIX plug.


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