Esab 1263 1.2mm 250kg Aristorod Marathon Pack

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Product description

OK AristoRod 12.63 is a bare Mn-Si-alloyed G4Si1/ER70S-6 solid wire for the GMAW of non-alloyed steels, as used in general construction, automotive components, pressure vessel fabrication and shipbuilding. It has a slightly higher manganese and silicon content than OK AristoRod 12.50 to increase the weld metal strength. This also promotes a low sensitivity to surface impurities and contributes to smooth, sound welds.

OK AristoRod 12.63 is treated with ESAB's unique Advanced Surface Characteristics (ASC) technology, taking MAG welding operations to new levels of performance and all-round efficiency, especially in robotic and mechanised welding. Characteristic features include excellent start properties; trouble-free feeding at high wire speeds and lengthy feed distances; a very stable arc at high welding currents; extremely low levels of spatter; low fume emission; reduced contact tip wear and improved protection against corrosion of the wire.

Technical Specification

  • Size
  • Wire Diameter
  • Deposition Data
  • Current
    120-380 A
  • Deposition Rate
    1,2-8 kg/h
  • Voltage
    18-35 V
  • Wire Feed Speed
  • Approvals
    ABS, 3YSA (C1 & M21), BV, SA3YM (C1 & M21), CE, EN 13479, CWB, B-G 49A 3 C1 S6 (B-G 49A 3 C G6), DB, 42.039.30, DNV-GL, III YMS (C1), DNV-GL, III YMS (M21), LR, 3YS H15 (C1 & M21), NAKS/HAKC, 1.2MM, VdTÜV, 10051
  • Classifications
    EN ISO 14341-A, G 42 3 C1 4Si1, Weld Metal, EN ISO 14341-A, G 46 4 M21 4Si1, Weld Metal, EN ISO 14341-B, G 55A 5 M21 S6, Weld Metal, EN ISO 14341-A, G 4Si1, Wire Electrode, SFA/AWS A5.18, ER70S-6, Wire Electrode, CAN/CSA-ISO 14341, B-G 49A 3 C1 S6, Wire Electrode, EN ISO 14341-B, G S6, Wire Electrode
  • Alloy Type
    Carbon-manganese steel (Mn/Si-alloyed)

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